NIR laboratory

  • LactoScope™ 300 FT-IR Dairy Analyzer

    Powerful milk analyzer, ideal for cooling stations and milk processing plants

  • Global IndiScope FT-IR Milk Analyzer

    Efficient milk collection and analysis

  • LactoScope™ FT-B Milk Analyzer

    Test for milk, whey and cream with up to 40 % fat

  • LactoScope™ FT-A Liquid Dairy Products Analyzer

    Most versatile mid-infrared analyzer, can test a wide range of dairy products

  • Inframatic 9520

    The Dedicated NIR Flour Analyzer for flour mills and professional bakers

  • Inframatic 8800

    An NIR grain analysis system for farms

  • Inframatic 9500

    The most modern NIR analysis system for whole grain analysis in the grain trade and milling industry

  • GrainSense Handheld Analyzer

    Battery-powered, portable grain analyzer with advanced NIR (Near Infrared) technology

  • DA 7250 NIR analysis system

    DA 7250™ calibrations are available for a wide range of applications and measure moisture, protein, fat, fiber, starch