6. May 2024

Well-maintained devices are essential for a good quality analysis

The service season started weeks ago and is now in full swing. The devices are put through their paces, recalibrated and prepared for the coming grain season.

With the AM 5200 moisture meter from Perten, the moisture and hectoliter weight (HLW) in grain can be determined within seconds thanks to radio frequency technology.

Its “big brother” – the IM 9500 protein meter – is also able to measure protein content, oil content, etc. The technology is slightly different to the AM 5200. The IM 9500 uses NIR technology (near infrared) for measurement. This means that the parameters are determined using light waves. Depending on the reflection of the light waves, the result can be determined.


You can find everything you need to know about the Impana service here.

If you would like more information about the devices mentioned, please write to us here.


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