From need to solution – everything from a single source
Needs analysis
We want to be your partner for all your analysis needs. We recognise potential needs and turn them into success.
Support over the entire service life
As an SME, we offer the opportunity to implement uncomplicated solutions quickly and easily and to respond to individual requests. Flexibility is a way of life for us.
Function guarantee
We focus on quality and do our best to get the most out of your devices. What can be repaired will be repaired. If this does not make sense, we offer the best alternative.
Maintenance & calibration
In our opinion, prevention is the best investment. Sustainability therefore goes without saying.
Installation, commissioning & training
It is important to us that customers can get the most out of their devices. We are committed to always staying up to date and at the cutting edge.
Device testing & calibration
Quality is a big term. However, correctly tested and calibrated devices are the basis for the best possible quality without compromise.
Customisation & configuration
We offer customised solutions for young and old. We have a wide range of appliances in different price categories - so there's something for everyone.
Consultancy & solution finding
We take a holistic view of processes, flows of goods and goods flows. We do this with many years of expertise, further training, innovative ideas and a global network.

Service contract

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We offer you a flexible service contract tailored to your needs. You only want to have one device serviced every 3 years and other devices every year – no problem! Find our various solutions and benefits here and contact us if you are interested in a service contract – to keep your appliances reliable and in good working order.

Grain industry: We are an official partner of the fenaco cooperative and actively operate the protein network with the grain collection points, which is used for the annual inspection of the quality measuring devices/harvest. This means that various calibrations are checked at regular intervals and adjusted with the current reference values from the laboratory.

Advantages of the service contract

  • No travel costs

  • Discount maintenance flat rate from 2 devices

  • Free provision of replacement devices

  • We take over the coordination of appointments

  • Service according to manufacturer, updates, backups incl.

  • Wearing parts are replaced, unexpected problems are minimized

  • Service contracts possible in 1-3 year cycles


1-year rhythm
2-year rhythm
3-year rhythm

1-year rhythm
2-year rhythm
3-year rhythm


From 2 devices 10 % discount
From 3 devices 15 % discount
From 4 devices 20 % discount

From 2 devices 10 % discount
From 3 devices 15 % discount
From 4 devices 20 % discount

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