Our novelties

LactoScope FT A

LactoScope™ FT-A Liquid Dairy Products Analyzer

The LactoScope FT-A is our most versatile mid-infrared analyzer, capable of testing a wide range of dairy products: milk, cream, whey, concentrates, ice cream and yoghurt mixes. The latest hardware innovations allow for easy testing of the most demanding dairy products, such as: B. Creams with up to 55% fat and other viscous products. With a typical accuracy below 1% CV, a measurement time of 30 seconds, low running costs and minimal downtime, this instrument is the preferred choice of large processors and dairy laboratories.

LactoScope FT B

LactoScope™ FT-B Milk Analyzer

LactoScope FT-B – With a typical accuracy of less than 1% CV and a measurement time of less than 45 seconds per sample, the FT-B mid-infrared analyzer is designed to meet the needs of small to medium-sized dairies and milk collection centres. It can test milk, whey and cream with up to 40% fat. It has low running costs and minimal downtime.

global indiscope ft ir

Global IndiScope FT-IR Milk Analyzer

Designed for milk collection facilities, PerkinElmer's IndiScope™ FT-IR milk analysis system makes milk collection and analysis efficient and reliable. A fast, robust and reliable instrument that delivers accurate results every time.
With the IndiScope system, milk collectors can guarantee fair payment for the milk and help ensure that the milk supply is safe, wholesome and genuine.

lacto 300

LactoScope™ 300 FT-IR Dairy Analyzer

The LactoScope 300 is designed so that all technologies work in harmony to give you a powerful milk analyzer that is ideal for cooling stations and milk processing plants everywhere.

cgrain value

Cgrain Value™ - The new standard for the visual objective quality assessment of grain

With Cgrain Value's unique mirror design, almost the entire surface of each individual grain can be examined. The analysis system uses innovative image analysis, currently the most modern technology in visual quality control of grain. For this purpose, data on the length, width, color, brightness and other properties of the individual grains are collected and evaluated.

cgrain seedscanner

Cgrain Seedscanner – Automated determination of foreign seeds

With the seed scanner, the workload is kept low and monotonous manual laboratory work is reduced to a minimum. Seedscanner has a compact design and works silently. Both help to improve working conditions and maintain quality standards.

cgrain seedscanner

GrainSense Handheld Analyzer

The GrainSense Analyzer is a battery-powered, handheld grain analyzer with advanced NIR (Near Infrared) technology. You get reliable protein, moisture, oil and carbohydrate contents in seconds from just a few kernels.
With GrainSense, you know your grain. You can track your grain quality instantly, anywhere. You receive reliable data quickly, and you can store results in the cloud along with their GPS location – so you can make the right decisions to control your outputs.