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Exact analyzes of: Water, nicotine, sugar, ammonia, nitrate, menthol, chloride and more…

Analytical solutions in the grain industry

Quality improvement and production monitoring

Quality improvement and production monitoring

Analysis of protein: Fat, salt, water activity (Aw value) and more…

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Tagarno digital microscope FHD TRENDWe are pleased to announce that IMPANA AG has taken over the representation of TAGARNO SA and its products. TAGARNO SA is a Danish company with more than 40 years of experience in developing innovative solutions of digital microscopy cameras. Developed and produced in Denmark, TAGARNO SA always strives to deliver the highest quality solutions in order to guarantee our customers full satisfaction. TAGARNO SA is the world leader in this market segment.
Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to inform you about the products of TAGARNO SA.

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Precisa Gravimetrics AG

Precisa EM120 HRIMPANA AG now offers precision balances from Swiss manufacturer Precisa AG.
Precisa Gravimetrics AG is a manufacturer and supplier of precision balances for the use of all types of weighing applications. (Scales, halogen dryers, ashing and moisture meters, ....).
Precisa Gravimetrics AG has experience and expertise in high-precision technologies since 1935.
Precisa is constantly investing significant resources in the development of new technologies. At its headquarters in Switzerland, it enables a company-owned, highly-qualified engineering and technical team to carry out extensive, extensive development work, ia. also in cooperation with universities, technical colleges and colleges, as well as private institutes.
For this reason, Precisa products are now highly regarded worldwide in many areas.
2 year worldwide warranty ...
In perfect quality: "Swiss made"