VELP Environment Line

BOD Analysis

BOD Analisis

BOD equipment is designed for Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD analysis) in water and wastewater samples according to official organizations.

COD Analisis

COD Analysis

VELP Scientifica ECO thermoreactors are suitable for COD analysis and for sample preparation for a wide range of applications.



VELP Scientifica has developed a complete line of instruments to support the lab technician working in the environmental sector and for the separation of pollutants in waste-water treatment plants.

Mineralization System

Mineralization System - TMD 6

The TMD 6 is designed for the hot digestion of sludge coming from water treatment plants, soil, compost, waste-water or vegetable materials, using "aqua regia".

Overhead Mixer

Overhead Mixer - ROTAX 6.8

The ROTAX 6.8 is designed and developed to evaluate the solubility in water of pollutants present in sludge, sediments and solid waste.

Portable Turbidimeter

Portable Turbidimeter - TB1

VELP Scientifica turbidimeter is a portable, impermeable and precise solution for the measurement of turbidity of aqueous samples.

Radiation Detector

Radiation Detector

VELP Scientifica Radiation Detector is an affordable, reliable and easy to use instrument for the detection of radiation.

Refrigerated Thermostats and Incubators

Refrigerated Thermostats and Incubators

VELP has developed a line of refrigerated thermostats and incubators in order to keep any product at a constant temperature and to incubate samples for BOD determination.